Here we go...

Welcome to the new look site. Sorry it’s taken a while but these days we don’t have people to do this stuff for us!

We’ve kept a lot of the content from the old site but we’ve added our Twitter feeds, a blog which will keep you posted with news of what we are all up to and comments where you can leave us a note, ask questions and join in the conversation. We are going to revel in the 80s and hook up with new people with a shared interest in Living In A Box in particular, and the 80s in general. We are also going to let you know what’s going on with us all now and post some up-to-date pics. Do please let us know if something’s not working properly or if you have any ideas that might improve the site.

On a more contemporary note, I am also going to keep a blog here on my new songwriting exploits and take you through what it’s like to be out there as a jobbing songwriter, rather than writing from the comfort of your own 80s band. Been back in the saddle for a year and there’s some exciting things happening and some stories already amassing about the state of the music biz from my perspective in 2013.

Speak later Boxies!!!!

Marcus Happy

Living In A Box
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